We offer a complete assembly or supervision of electrical equipment which includes the construction of cable lines, interconnection cabinets with elements located in the technological equipment, including sensors and valves in decentralized peripherals located on the machine. For the assembly work we can provide an electrical inspection report if required.


We also offer the relocation of technological systems, whether only the electro-parts or complete units including mechanical parts. Where we re-arrange the functionality of relocated productions lines among factories or moved to a new location.


Another of the services on offer is old machine parks and old technological units liquidation.
Given the excellent relations and support from the suppliers, I am confident that we can offer excellent conditions associated with these contracts.
We offer:

  • Provision of containers - the type Abrol volume 16 m3, 32 m3 - or Tatra system
  • Loading machine parts or components - crane, vehicle crane
  • Removal and locksmith work at the customer
  • Purchase, sort of old technology, motors, cables and other metallic material
  • Liquidation of dangerous waste