4. The Control System SIMOTION

SIMOTION control system is in terms of programming based on the principle of multitasking system. In the background runs cyclically processed block as well as major cyclic block OB1 in the SIMATIC PLC. In the example, it can process logic and sequence not directly dependent on the drives and positioning. Other task( s) is starting, suspending, re-run and terminated independently of the cycle and it is they are designed to deal with individual movements. Bags are programmed in a graphical block diagram similar developmental or similar programming language such as Pascal, or in graphical programming means ladder. Programming the system is in a development environment SCOUT, ​​which is integrated interface for drive (Drive ES) and STARTER for working with SINAMICS. Superstructure can be as configuration software for programming CamTool cams.

  • The Control System SIMOTION C
  • The Control System SIMOTION D
  • The Control System SIMOTION P


Řídicí systém SIMOTION